Piks Collection

« Combine boards and cones, enjoy playing with balance and challenge your concentration skills! »

« Inspired from researches and alternatives solutions applied on kids’ concentration disorders. »

« Piks has endless construction possibilities and is a great catalyst for imagination too ! »

Learning& Playing

Piks is a creative toy designed to develop children’s attention and concentration.

The aim of the Piks game is simple - to create the most original and impressive structure by positioning all of the pieces without any of it falling down.

By playing with Piks, children explore the intricacies of balance while decision-making, motor skills and imagination all come into play transforming the players into artists in a performance of concentration and skill..

Design& Education

Because of our commitment to offer a toy that develops concentration skills, we decided to seek inspiration and direction from the field of education, more precisely from research on kids’ concentration disorders.

Why are we inspired by education and behaviors issues ?

Toys are the first objects that our kids have in their hands so they provide an immense opportunity for development through fun. Our belief is that these objects should convey important values and skills and be conceived using the best educational knowledge possible. To do this, we truly believe that dialogue between the fields of design and education is mandatory.

Imagination& Creativity

There is more! Piks is a great catalyst for imagination too. The toy set includes cards to show kids several creative possibilities they can build and how to build them.

These cards can be used as a complete exercise or a starting point. What’s important is kids get creative and build whatever they want to express or imagine: towers, animals, characters, castles, etc.

O P P I ® is a toy brand dedicated to education as well as to the development and the creativity of children.

Each of our toys is based on collaboration in the fields of design and education in order to offer the best skills and toys for the adults of tomorrow.

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